Welcome to the web-site of DEGUCHI laboratory since 2009 F.Y.

This laboratory has been named "Team EXIT" since DEGUCHI means EXIT in Japan. All members keep struggling for EXtra-ordinal InTelligence to establish sustainable technologies due to EXtra-ordinal InTegration with hearts of EXtra-ordinal InTegrity.

Research principles of Team EXIT is to surpass high-technologies due to EXtra-ordinal InTegration of low-technologies with EXtra-ordinal InTelligence.
The current research fields are classified into four categories of "Hydrogen Productions", "Power Generations", "their Assembled Technologies" and "their Theoretical Optimizations", especially for energy regeneration from waste heats. All of us are doing best to put each work up to respective practical stage.

Of course, Team EXIT continues to provide promising and well-talented engineers to the society as well as splendid issues.

Our aim as Team EXIT is to establish Venture-SEAGS(V-SEAGS)(Spreading Encouragements And Granting Safeties) by 2021 F.Y. in order to provide every welfares and any supports for the hadicapped and disadvantaged kids all over the world.

Lastly, if you want to join us, please feel free to contact the Team Captain "Seiichi Deguchi" by e-mail. deguchi@nuce.nagoya-u.ac.jp