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With "material" as a shared term, we aim to foster competent person who learn the physics, chemistry, and mathematics that constitute a foundation and through lectures, practice, and experimentation, acquire society-applicable specialist knowledge that they can wield and use with perfect freedom to bolster the future.
To this end, we created the new Department of Materials Science and Engineering, which merges educators in the fields of material engineering and chemical engineering. What is more, to be able to explore the depths of materials, understand their appeal even more deeply, and learn a high degree of specialized knowledge, we have established the three academic majors of Materials Design Innovation Engineering, Materials Process Engineering, and Chemical Systems Engineering. These three majors each aim to be a highly specialized field, but they are aligned with one another, and as a set of majors they lead students into the realm of materials.

Engineering, we believe, is a study capable of contributing to society.
For society to continue always to develop with greater prosperity and security, knowledge cultivated by research must be brought out into the world as concrete things.
We tackle education and leading-edge research with this idea in mind.

We do this to achieve new concepts and these dream that deals comprehensively with everything extending from the global environment, resources, and materials to practical implementation.

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