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Startup Companies We're Involved In

Earning Attention from Industry for Material Synthesis Technology That Allows Heat to Escape

Prof. Toru Ujihara
Materials Process Engineering

I'm Ujihara.
Various devices produce heat.
Allowing this heat to escape extends battery life for smartphones, increases processing speeds for AI computers, and enhances the performance of electric vehicles.
We have developed a large-quantity synthesis method for AlN whiskers, a material that allows heat to escape, and are involved in a startup company!
We're currently receiving major attention from close to a hundred firms!

Deploying Materials That Dissolve a Variety of Substances Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

Prof. Motonobu Goto
Materials Process Engineering

I'm Goto.
Do you know the phrase "supercritical fluid?"
Carbon dioxide is solid dry ice or a gas at atmospheric pressure, but inside high-pressure cylinders, it's in a liquid state.
When you adjust the temperature and pressure just right, however, it goes into a supercritical state that's neither a liquid nor a gas!
This supercritical carbon dioxide can dissolve a variety of substances.
We're involved in a startup company that deploys this technology for materials!
For instance we can remove caffeine to make delicious decaffeinated coffee!
Would you like to try some?

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