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What Current Students Say

Growing Through a Substantial Curriculum and Research Environment with a Free and Open Ambience

Reiko Chida
Chemical Systems Engineering
School of Engineering

During the course of six years, I have fulfilled my desire to acquire deeper knowledge in chemistry, my best subject, and to put materials to full use in actual product-making, and additionally to learn about production processes and systems.
In the solidly balanced curriculum and lectures, the content is such that not only does it deepen knowledge of chemistry and engineering, but it also broadens perspectives.
Both the campus as a whole and the laboratories enjoy an open and relaxed ambience, and I also feel privileged to have had access to a research environment featuring a full complement of experimental equipment and facilities.
Aside from my studies, while I stay active in a low-key way in multiple clubs and circles, including cooking and badminton, I also work at customer-facing part-time jobs through which I try to master the comportment and speech befitting an adult member of society.
With Big Dreams and Goals, Pressing Ahead with Accomplishing My Original Intentions in Solar Cell Research

Cui Min
Materials Process Engineering
School of Engineering

After graduation from university in my home country of China (majors: Japanese language and international politics), I was living in Osaka to further my language studies when the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami occurred.
This occasioned serious thought about nuclear power generation and energy, and gave rise to an earnest desire to engage in solar-cell research.
Materials, energy, and solar cells – when I set out to find a university where I could study these, I was able to make my way naturally to my current academic major.
There are also many international students here, and after admission to Nagoya University I managed to improve my English ability as well. I aim to advance to the doctoral course and realize my dream of finding solutions for humankind's energy issues at their root.

For Both Study and Play, Let's Make Good Use of Our Time to Enjoy to the Fullest Everything That Students Get to Do!

Koki Yamada
Materials Design Innovation Engineering
School of Engineering

To be honest, when I was studying for my university entrance exams I was hoping to get into a department and school that's different from my current academic major.
However, through a process of elimination set against the limits of my scholastic abilities, I selected the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the School of Engineering, for which employment prospects seemed favorable. But once I was admitted, I found this major was the right choice!
After admission, I wanted to try everything that I could because I was a student, and in my first and second years I studied language abroad for about a month, held down two part-time jobs at the same time, and also traveled overseas and took part in clubs and circles.
Through having a variety of experiences in and out of school I made more friends and was spurred on, acquiring new pastimes and becoming a broader human being, I feel. In the master's course now I'm throwing myself completely into my studies!

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