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Campus Life

A Rich Array of Student Dining Options and Cafes!

On campus are student dining halls, co-op stores, convenience stores, and even restaurants. The student dining facilities offer nutritionally rich set meals and noodle selections for a quick bite, and you'll never have trouble finding a light snack, either. Enjoy chatting in the cafes or relaxing in the grassy areas – weather and mood make for many options you can choose from!

Over a Hundred, Clubs, Circles, and Athletic Associations!

In addition to around sixty clubs and circles devoted to topics ranging from culture, music, and art to space exploration and human-powered flight, more than fifty athletic associations are active. Whether you want to continue with the same clubs you participated in in high school or you want to find new pastimes, these groups can help make for a well-rounded student life.
Club Activities

Abundant Holdings in Multiple Libraries and Reading Rooms

Books, periodicals, and other essential materials for study and research can almost always be found on campus in such locations as the Central Library (the Nagoya University Library) and the Central Engineering Library.
Nagoya University Library

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