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The goals of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Within the broad subject of "materials," the Department of Materials Science and Engineering contemplates and studies what to make (design), how to make it (processes), and how to bring it to society (systems). By merging what were heretofore the fields of materials engineering and chemical engineering, we are revolutionizing effective manufacturing with integration and harmonization that extends from raw materials to practical implementation in society. We interconnect design, processes, and systems along with physics and chemistry dynamically and in all directions to cultivate competent persons actively involved at the frontiers of manufacturing of the next generation and on the world's front lines.

The Intent Behind Our Logo

At first glance, materials are something taken for granted, but in fact they are the vital elements that make up the world and support society. From materials are made products (manufactured items) in a great diversity of forms. This logo represents change and transformation from the essence, the foundation, the progenitor, the beginning.

The three shapes represent the "d," "p," and "s" of the three distinctive majors in the School of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering's Department of Materials Science and Engineering – "Design," "Processes," and "Systems" – which further deepen learning in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and enhance the degree of specialization. They also represent the movement and work of each one's action, the processes by which they combine, and the mechanisms of their fusion. As a whole, it brings to mind the form of an amoeba freely stretching out and changing shape. By combining an ellipse that at first glance appears to be of indeterminate form with warmth-imbued yellow, the logo expresses evolution, life, and freshness. It imparts a sense of life, birth, potential, and transformation and presages a brightly expanding future.

Individuality gathers with one sole intent.
Acting upon society. Changing the world. Creating the future.
From this form, what will you create?

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