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A Future That Grows More Enjoyable After Graduation

In the School of Engineering, almost all students do not complete only four years of undergraduate study, but advance the Graduate School of Engineering (master's course). Graduates of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering advance into one of the three academic majors of Materials Design Innovation Engineering, Materials Process Engineering, or Chemical Systems Engineering, depending on the laboratory they are assigned to in their fourth year. What's more, the largest number of students advance to the doctoral course and can expect to aim for the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering.
With respect to employment it is possible to advance both to companies involved in materials engineering and companies involved in chemical energy, and because materials engineering is the foundation of society and industry, also to a broad range of companies that include automobiles, electronics and electricity, machinery and heavy industry, information and communication, and trading firms. Learning while holding aspirations is connected to making the future you envision a reality.

Note: The following content is statistical information on advancement.

2020 Academic Year – Employment and Academic Advancement (Data for Reference)

Graduates of the Undergraduate School

University academic advancement: Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering
Employment (electrical machinery): Sumida Electric Co., Ltd.

(94 persons; Materials Process Engineering major)

Graduates of the Master's Course

Automotive and railway: DENSO Corporation; Central Japan Railway Company; Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.; Toyota Motor Corporation; Honda Motor Co., Ltd.; Mazda Motor Corporate; etc.
Materials (metals - ceramics): AGC Inc.; JFE Steel Corporation; NGK Insulators, Ltd.; Nippon Steel Corporation; NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Materials Corporation; etc.
Electronics - electrical - electrical machinery: Panasonic Corporation; Hitachi, Ltd.; Mitsubishi ELECTRIC Corporation; Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; ROHM Co., Ltd.; Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.; etc.
Information - communication - services: ABeam Consulting Ltd.; NTT Docomo, Inc.; IBM Japan, Inc.; Rakuten Group, Inc.; etc.
Chemicals - rubber - fiber: Asahi Kasei Corp.; JSR Corporation; Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.; Toray Industries, Inc.; Fujifilm Corporation; Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.; Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation; etc.
Energy: Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.; Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.; Chubu Electric Power Grid Co., Inc.; Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.; Toho Gas Co., Ltd.; Hokuriku Electric Power Company
Machinery - heavy industry: Organo Corporation; JFE Engineering Corporation; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.; Mitsubishi Power, Ltd. (formerly Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.); etc.
General trading companies: ITOCHU Corporation; Sumitomo Corporation; Sojitz Corporation
Doctoral course academic advancement: Nagoya University Graduate School of Engineering; study abroad
Other: Enterprise establishment; employment upon return to China; etc.
(125 persons; Materials Design Innovation Engineering, Materials Process Engineering, and Chemical Systems Engineering)

Graduates of the Doctoral Course

(12 persons; Materials Design Innovation Engineering, Materials Process Engineering, and Chemical Systems Engineering)
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