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Laboratories and Academic Majors

You Can Pursue Studies in Three Areas

Three academic majors have been established to further deepen and practice the knowledge and experience learned in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
You can learn to the fullest in well-honed cutting-edge fields of study.

With design (what can be created) as the source of ideas, students in this major fashion a variety of materials from theories and cutting-edge measurement technology.

With processes (how something is created) as the main element, students in this major use leading-edge process technologies to fashion new, never-before-seen substances and materials.

From the perspective of systems (how something is to be implemented in society), students in this major use materials to accomplish structuring a recycling-oriented society.。

• In addition to these three academic majors, we are carving out a new world of materials through collaboration with outside elements.

Overview of Departments, Laboratories, and Academic Majors (Graduate School of Engineering)

DepartmentLaboratories (Assigned in 4th Year)Majors (Graduate School of Engineering)Research Groups
Materials Science and Engineering Koyama and Tsukada Laboratory Materials Design Innovation Engineering Computational Materials Design Research Group 
Kimizuka and Ohto Laboratory
Adachi Laboratory
Yamamoto LaboratoryAdvanced Measurement and Analysis Technology Research Group
Takashima and Ito Laboratory
Iriyama and Yajima LaboratoryNano Structure Design Research Group
Harada and Yukawa Laboratory
Kobashi and Takata Laboratory Materials Process Engineering Advanced Process Engineering Research Group
Ujihara and Harada and Kutsukake Laboratory
Kawajiri and Fujiwara Laboratory
Takami and Matsuoka Laboratory
Usami and Kurokawa and Itoh and Katsube LaboratoryAdvanced Materials Research Group
Mizuguchi and Miyamachi Laboratory
Wang Laboratory
Tagawa Laboratory
Yamauchi and Asakura Laboratory
Norinaga, Yasuda and Machida Laboratory Chemical Systems Engineering Advanced Chemical Engineering Systems Research Group
Ito and Mukai Laboratory
Kita and Kojima Laboratory
Nagaoka and Kobayashi Laboratory
Matsuo LaboratoryMaterials Chemistry Research Group
Ichino and Matsumiya Laboratory
Saito, Hieda and Sawada Laboratory
Yamamoto Laboratory
Asahi Laboratory
Kawasumi Laboratory
Fuse Laboratory
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