Nano Structure Design Research Group

Nano Ionics Design Engineering – Iriyama and Yajima Laboratory

Professor Yasutoshi Iriyama / Associate Professor Takeshi Yajima / Assistant Professor Norikazu Ishigaki

  • Electrodes/electrolyte nanointerface control for achieving higher performance in innovative storage batteries
  • Development of in-situ observation methods for storage-battery reactions
  • Creation of a high-ion-conductivity solid electrolyte through use of nanoionic phenomena
  • Research relating to the mechanisms of metal electrodeposition occurring in solid electrolytes
  • Research relating to construction methods for all-solid-state storage batteries operating at a practical level

Materials Processing Engineering – Harada and Yukawa Laboratory

Professor Hiroshi Harada / Associate Professor Nobuki Yukawa / Assistant Professor Eiji Abe

  • Computer simulation and CAE in various kinds of plastic forming
  • Prediction of splitting, material properties, and dimensional changes of materials in forging and heat treatment
  • Development of technology for predicting occurrence of internal and surface defects in forging and heading
  • Development of technology for bonding different metals using cold forging
  • Graphene growth, interface control, structural analysis, elucidation of properties, and application development
  • Development of large-volume synthesis methods for carbon nanotube growth and measurement of properties
  • Growth and evaluation of new 2D materials
  • Structural analysis of nanomaterials at the atomic level
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