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Advanced Process Engineering Research Group

Multi-Materials Processing – Kobashi and Takata Laboratory

Professor Makoto Kobashi / Associate Professor Naoki Takata / Assistant Professor Asuka Suzuki

  • Reaction synthesis and structural control of metal-ceramic composites
  • Development of bonding processes for resins (CFRP) and metals
  • Reaction synthesis and cell structural control of porous metals
  • Achieving higher performance in thermal storage materials via compositing technology
  • Characteristic evaluation of light-metal materials formed by a metal 3D printer
  • Achieving higher strength and higher performance via structural control of structural-use aluminum alloys
  • Structural control of the coating layer and steel in surface-treated high-strength steel sheets
  • Evaluation of local mechanical characteristics of metallic materials using micropillar compression testing

Crystal Growth Informatics – Ujihara and Harada and Kutsukake Laboratory

Professor Toru Ujihara / Associate Professor Shunta Harada / Associate Professor Kentaro Kutsukake

  • High-quality crystal growth of next-generation power device semiconductors SiC and AlN
  • Development of innovative evaluations methods and materials for third-generation solar cells
  • Development of original materials for thermal energy control
  • Elucidation of biomembrane functioning from a materials-engineering perspective
  • Mechanisms of growth of electrode dendrites
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