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Advanced Materials Research Group

Materials Engineering for Energy and Environment – Usami and Kurokawa and Itoh and Katsube Laboratory

Professor Noritaka Usami / Associate Professor Yasuyoshi Kurokawa / Associate Professor Takashi Itoh / Lecturer Ryoji Katsube / Designated Associate Professor Satoru Miyamoto

  • Pioneering polycrystalline material information science and invention of high-performance polycrystals
  • Research into higher-performance heterojunction solar cells
  • Low-pressure epitaxial growth and device applications of semiconductor multipolar mixed crystals
  • Investigation of silicide materials and development of functions
  • Formation technology and device applications for semiconductor nanostructures
  • Semiconductor isotope engineering and device applications
  • Development of thermoelectric conversion materials and modules

Engineering for Nano-spintronics and Magnetic Materials – Mizuguchi and Miyamachi Laboratory

Professor Masaki Mizuguchi / Associate Professor Toshio Miyamachi / Designated assistant professor BOWEN QIANG

  • Invention of high-efficiency energy materials based on magnetic materials
  • Inquiry into scientific principles relating to the correlation of spin and heat in magnetic materials
  • Investigation of new nano-superstructures driven by minute crystal-growth technology
  • Inquiry into scientific principles relating to energy conversion via spin current
  • Invention of functional materials contributing to next-generation magnetic recording materials and spintronic devices

Process Engineering for Energy Conversion and Catalytic Materials – Wang Laboratory

Associate Professor Qian Wang

  • Development and invention of energy-conversion photocatalysts
  • Technology of solar fuel generation by artificial photosynthesis
  • Achieving higher performance in water splitting and carbon dioxide-reducing photocatalytic materials
  • Inquiry into the fundamental scientific principles of photoreactive chemistry and photofunctional chemistry
  • Construction of hybrid organic-nonorganic photocatalysts

Functional Nanomaterials – Tagawa Laboratory

Professor Miho Tagawa

  • The creation of bio-inspired novel functionalized nanomaterials
  • Superlattice design and high-quality crystal growth of nanoparticles using DNA ligands
  • Elucidation of nucleation and growth mechanism of ligand-induced colloidal crystals
  • Development of crystal structure analysis method using synchrotron-based small-angle X-ray scattering
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