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Materials Chemistry Research Group

Interface Integration Engineering – Yamamoto Laboratory

Associate Professor Tetsuya Yamamoto / Assistant Professor Hideki Kanda

  • Synthesis of composite (hollow) particulate materials
  • Research on surface and interface of soft materials
  • Design of nanoparticle synthesis reactors with reduced environmental impact
  • Highly efficient lipid extraction from high water content carbon resources such as microalgae
  • Extraction and nanoparticulation using subcritical and supercritical fluids
  • Computational chemistry on specificity of phase behavior in nanospace

Reaction and Interface Dynamics – Saito, Hieda, and Sawada Laboratory

Professor Nagahiro Saito / Associate Professor Junko Hieda / Associate Professor Yasuyuki Sawada / Assistant Professor Tomonaga Ueno / Assistant Professor Chayanaphat Chokradjaroen

  • Analysis of reaction dynamics and development of new spectroscopic measurement methods for various material processes
  • Fundamental configuration of solution plasma (aqueous low-temperature plasma)
  • Water-related theoretical calculation
  • Creation and reaction control for battery catalytic materials for fuel cells and secondary batteries
  • Synthesis of metallic nanoclusters exhibiting quantum effects and evaluation of catalytic performance
  • Development and reaction control of plasma processes for fabrication of functional thin film materials
  • Synthesis and control of thermal conductivity of nanofluids for constructing thermal-energy transport systems

Advanced Materials Design and Synthesis – Kawasumi, Fuse, and Asahi Laboratory

Designated Professor Masaya Kawasumi / Professor Shinichiro Fuse / Professor Ryoji Asahi

  • Research into electrolytic membranes and electrode materials for innovative electrochemical devices
  • Research into selective permeation functioning of 2D materials and the like and their applications
  • Proposals for design and experimental methods for new materials utilized in information science
  • Research into artificial intelligence of utility in material development
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