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Advanced Chemical Engineering Systems Research Group

Cycle Systems Engineering – Norinaga, Yasuda and Machida Laboratory

Professor Koyo Norinaga / Associate Professor Keiji Yasuda / Associate Professor Hiroshi Machida / Assistant Professor Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi

  • Development of high-efficiency thermochemical conversion processes for carbon resources
  • Separation and collection of substances of value through application of nano-order bubbles and droplets
  • Decomposition of substances of value and synthesis of functional materials by using hybrid ultrasonic reactors
  • Development of energy-saving CO2 separation and capture processes
  • Development of manufacturing processes for carbon and ceramic composites by using chemical gas-permeation methods

Separation and Fusion Systems Engineering – Ito and Mukai Laboratory

Professor Akira Ito / Associate Professor Yasuhito Mukai / Assistant Professor Masahiro Kaneko

  • Development of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for hybrid processes
  • Development of regenerative medical technology using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
  • Development of cancer hyperthermia therapies using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
  • Construction of water-treatment systems through use of low-fouling membrane filtration
  • Creation of hybrid membrane separation processes implementing affinity
  • Development of advanced desiccation technologies for sludge through use of ultra-high-pressure compression

Chemical Reaction Systems Engineering – Nagaoka and Kobayashi Laboratory

Professor Katsutoshi Nagaoka / Associate Professor Noriyuki Kobayashi / Assistant Professor Hiroshi Yamada

  • Creation of special reaction fields by using functional substances
  • Development of new material-conversion processes driven by catalytic science and reaction engineering
  • Proposal and development of elemental technology for a reaction-extraction system combining reaction and extraction operations
  • Manufacture of energy carriers from renewable energy and creation of utilization technologies
  • Development of thermal devices consequent upon chemical reaction, heat transfer, and mass transfer
  • Design and development of elemental technologies for carbon-free energy systems
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